Yasmine Holness-Dove - Cast as Sandra Dobson


Yasmine Holness-Dove was perfect for the pivotal role of Sandra Dobson, our leading lady in After Effects. She was cast because of her ability to take direction during live action shooting, and her understanding of the part special effects would play later on in the process. Playing a mother of three saw Yasmine bring an uncompromising level of truth to the character's emotions that always leave audiences speechless. Watch out for her, she's a true star.

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Darren Raymond - Cast as Brian Clinton


Darren Raymond is an actor's actor as far as we are concerned. He can embody the unexpected, charming and dangerous with just a subtle change of facial expression. The role of Brian Clinton was an extremely challenging one to pull off, as we needed genuine raw emotions to be conveyed with the minimum of dialogue. Darren Raymond delivers the perfect performance and his abilities will lead him to a great future in film.

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Apai-Ketuya Marchant - Cast as Michelle Clinton


Looking for actors to play the younger sister and brother of Brian, quickly became a no brainer once Apai and Ayuk Merchant walked into the casting. As real life brother and sister, they already had instinctive shorthand and sibling rivalries that play out realistically on screen.

Apai Merchant's performance as Michelle Clinton is heartfelt, engaging and extremely moving. Her ability to get inside this character in order to give the viewer an experience they will never forget is a true talent. She is a beautiful young actress that has the potential to become world-renowned.


Ayuk-Enoh Marchant - Cast as Michael Clinton


Ayuk Marchant was great at taking direction then adding his own flair to the performance. He does a brilliant job of playing Michael and was able to gently twist things around in a calm and understated way. As the real life brother of Apai, the onscreen interactions between the two are believable and very genuine, allowing viewers to get totally immersed in the story. Ayuk is another young actor to watch out for in film.

Craig Storrod - Cast as Darren Sewell


Craig Storrod may play a small role in After Effects, but it is one of the most important. His up-beat energy, up for anything attitude coupled with fantastic acting abilities set him apart from other actors, a true rising star to look out for.

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Tom Fitz - Cast as Kenneth Sutton


Tom Fitz's instinctive ability to become the character and be totally natural on screen saw him cast as Kenneth Sutton. His spot on performance resonated with viewers as he gently took them into the story. Tom Fitz is a great actor with the potential to lead feature films in the future.

Hollie Dempsey - Cast as Liz Winchmore


Hollie Dempsey got involved in the project at the last minute to play Liz Winchmore and delivered an utterly compelling, yet understated performance - exactly as the director imagined. Look out for Hollie as she goes from strength to strength on UK television screens, she's definitely someone to watch.

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