Robert Levy Foundation

  • Name: Robert Antonio Levy
  • Charity: Robert Levy Foundation

After delivering a keynote speech at a school in East London, Mark One met Nathanial Levy who was delivering a talk about knife crime - having lost his brother Robert Levy in 2004. Nathanial introduced Mark to his family, which was the start of Mark becoming a member of the Robert Levy Foundation. Ian and Patricia Levy were the catalysts behind After Effects. Their exceptionally kind offer of a financial donation towards the making of the project, helped focus Mark One's efforts.

Robert Antonio Levy

Robert Antonio Levy, aged 16, was murdered a few yards from his home in Hackney whilst trying to prevent a fight. Robert had a kind and considerate nature and because of this, was always thinking of others. On the 16th September 2004, Robert went to the aid of a younger boy who was being threatened with a knife by an older schoolboy. Robert suffered multiple stab wounds at the hands of the 15-year-old schoolboy. Attempts were made to save his life but he tragically died.

The Tom Easton Flavasum Trust

  • Name: Tom-Louis Easton
  • Charity: The Tom Easton Flavasum Trust

Mark One was introduced to the Flavasum Trust at City Hall after meeting Peter Sinclair at a Knife Crime Summit, held by Ray Lewis for parents of murdered teenagers. The Trust got involved with After Effects after Mark gave Peter a copy of the script. Nathanial Levy set up a meeting at the BBC with Peter and the three of us discussed the project. Peter and his partner Dolores (Tom's mother) agreed to help get the project off the ground with a financial donation towards the making of the After Effects film.

Tom-Louis Easton

Tom-Louis Easton was stabbed to death in September 2006 while working as a sound engineer at the EC1 Music Project in Islington. He was employed part time by Islington Council to provide music training and support for local young people. During the afternoon of Friday 15 September, he was helping some friends record their music when Barrington McKenzie, who had accompanied his friends, stabbed him from behind over twenty times. Tom didn't stand a chance, and died soon after the paramedics arrived.