Mark One - Writer, Executive Producer, Director & Original Concept of 'Devastating After Effects'


Mark One nurtures and appreciates the 'Devastating After Effects, Anti Violence Programme' as if it were one of his own children, assisting in the creation of their life, seeing and encouraging their potential. He provides all he can for them, attending to their many and varied requirements, nourishing their hunger, facilitating first steps, teaching principles, enabling independence, encouraging their statement of individuality so they can stand alone as a unique entity, going out into the world with a sole purpose; awakening young minds to the consequences and everlasting effects of their actions on family, friends, communities, towns, cities and countries.

In Mark One's Own Words

This project has been the toughest, slowest, most agonising, exuberantly joyous, fantastic, motivating, depressing, euphoric, intimate, expansive, rewarding, uplifting, most important wisdom curve of a collective effort and full on experience of my career on this planet so far – bar none.

I commenced work on this cause in 2006, finalised the script in 2007 and completed the endeavor in 2013. When a vision is born out of an intimate extreme of a shared tragic experience, your heart knowingly instructs you through whatever needs to be done. Preparing your demoralised soul for the loss of friendships, cradles the stressed out long term relationships, hones your argumentative proficiencies and readies the tanks of emergency oxygen provisions to sustain near depleted lungs throughout the ungodly time cycles of work.

Would I have opened myself up for this, if I've identified then, what I've come to realise now? The answer is irrevocably, and without a shadow of doubt, YES. I would have done what I had been placed on this earth to do, using my resourceful creativeness to craft the 'Devastating After Effects, Anti Violence Programme'.


Saving a single life makes it absolutely, worthwhile, irrespective of time, what individuals may do or say and independent of current popular trends! In other words, I was born to do this the only way I know how; through hard work, pure heart, perseverance, focus and most of all by fulfilling my vision!

I thought it would be a good idea to create this website as a resource to back up the programme, with a 'HELP & SUPPORT' section containing links to charities and services, and as a two way communication for those that want to use the programme. Also to create awareness of the programme and bring up to date everyone involved in making this initiative possible. We have been busy putting this together using our own time, finances and skill sets, so, if you thought this project had disappeared, no way. We have already reached over 3000 people, 2500 were our direct target group of teenagers, the others being adults and have gone a long way towards changing the way they all see the effects of guns, knives and violence amongst their peers, in the hope it keeps them safe.

My team at Mark One Group have created a comprehensive 'Making of… After Effects Film' and a 'Behind the Scenes' production days film for your perusal. So no need for me to go into all that, you can find it in the 'FILM' section.


When one has a positive vision, born out of a personal experience, time, other peoples' opinions, cultural events and a lack of money, must not be the criteria you use to judge if you should or should not strive to create what your heart emotes. The decision to make the After Effects short film, without me realising it, turned me into a film writer, producer, director, motivational speaker, a writer of motivational books and developed my patience with other people's self-opinionated approach to something - with no actual facts to go on.

Being called a role model, being called insensitive, becoming an organiser, an unofficial counselor, being called just a hustler, an inspiring leader and meeting unusually wonderful people, in my opinion, has made me a more understanding person who loves the complexity of humans and cherishes life over everything, even more.

I have lost fair weather friends along the way and made exquisite new ones, it's now clear to me why. I never chose 'Devastating After Effects, Anti Violence Programme' it chose me. It chose me because a higher power I like to refer to as God, knows me better than I know myself, knowing that no matter what happens, Mark always finishes what he starts. So really, I am the facilitator of the creation not the creator.

It is not my business to care what others think of me. Neither do I waste my time reading popular media or social commentary. It is my responsibility, as a father, to do unto others, as I would have them do onto me, leading by example so that my children and tomorrows generations know how to act.

Thanks for your time, love and continued support, Mark One.