We have created a comprehensive 'Making of…After Effects Film' and a 'Behind The Scenes – Production Days Film', for all those who would like a more in-depth understanding of the processes behind the project. Please take a look in the above showcase.

Mission Statement

We live in the 'After Effects' of murdered love ones, and as people, we must do everything within our power to bring about a change in the mind set of those seeking to resolve conflict with a gun or knife.


Against a constant barrage of naysayers, Mark One was moved to write, produce, fund and make the film 'After Effects' before going on to create the 'Devastating After Effects, Anti Violence Programme'. The film took shape as Mark searched for a way to respond to this seemingly unstoppable and escalating problem, with the resulting Programme now available for use as your response to the violence.

Why After Effects?

The meaning behind the name - the multiple echoes that emanate from a single, senseless action ripple endlessly throughout the entire community. Emotionally debilitating shockwaves are felt for countless years after these tragedies, and leaves three hundred and sixty degrees of lifelong devastation for those left behind.

Above Showcase

• After Effects – Making of…
The story of what it took to make After Effects.

• Behind the Scenes
A look at what happened on production days.

• Soho Screening Response
Audience response to the film.

• Community Links
Youth workers talk about the potential of the programme.

• Street Life: The Conversation Response
General public response to the film.

• After Effects Film Trailer
Online promotion.

After Effects

After Effects short film was born out of a murder. There is no other way to dress it up or put a spin on it. To resolve a conflict, a young man chose to use a knife, plunging it deep into the chest of another young man and taking his life. With this one action, countless lives and futures are destroyed. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, girlfriend, best friends, extended family and everyone connected to both futures in a number of ways, now have a future they would never have imagined. The life lost will never come back. Birthdays, festive holidays, graduations, weddings, etc. will all become reminders of the gaping void and what could and should have been.


This is our inspiration behind the After Effects short film and our motivation behind Devastating After Effects, Anti Violence Programme. No words can explain the devastation this inconceivable act causes. Everyone's story is unique to them and deserves to be treated with the utmost respect. To this avail, we would never attempt to speak on behalf of anyone else regarding this matter. Our inspiration and motivation comes from our viewpoint, based on our own experiences. Our job has a sole purpose, to ensure the 'Devastating After Effects, Anti Violence Programme' is used with integrity, honesty, humility, and informatively to affect a lasting change. That being said, every loved one lost at the hands of senseless conflict, must never, ever be forgotten. After Effects makes you see lost loved ones as real people and not regular news statistics. Real people that have real families and friends that will all suffer in some way. Real people who should never, ever be forgotten. Their images in the film give them a voice that says "remember me before you decide to pick up a knife or a gun and attack someone, remember me when you are about to get involved with negative influences, remember me and remember my family."


Everyday across the world, families have to endure the unimaginable loss of a loved one at the hands of a violent perpetrator. Our response to this is Devastating After Effects. Everyone involved in the project gave their invaluable time, resources and support understanding what our objectives were and are. The entire project to date has already; given youngsters work experience on the film set of After Effects, allowed them to work alongside top UK film industry professionals, people from the project have been employed within the entertainment business as a result of working on the film, inspired adults to stand up and be counted by getting the anti violence message out there, changed the mind sets of thousands of teenagers who now want to do good instead of bad. This understanding of the implications of their actions became evident during the testing phase of the project, but don't take our word for it, ask them. So, Devastating After Effects has already delivered on what Mark One originally promised it would be used for.


However… there is always more work to be done! Work to be done getting the programme out to as many people as humanly possible who will use it to affect change, in order to save anyone else from having to experience, and live with the Devastating After Effects of senseless murder.


Inspiration Behind the Film

2006 - Mark One's niece's boyfriend was murdered at just 19 years old. On the day of the murder, Mark arrived at the coroner's office to find mother after mother after mother, including his own, in absolute floods of tears. Each one collapsed in turn, full of a mother's emotional distress at the loss of a child.

2007 - Mark One's youngest niece's half brother was held for murder at just 13 years old. His mother also filled with the pain of death burst into what seemed like never-ending floods of tears.

2007 – A close friend's relative, aged 16, was murdered while visiting a cinema, and once again the after affects of the murder destroyed his mother and all those directly or indirectly involved. This reoccurring nightmare of destruction, that impacts families and friends spurred Mark One into action, and the beginnings of After Effects were conceived.