Natasha Preville

  • Role in the project: Executive Producer

Natasha's involvement in the project began after receiving an email about raising money for an anti knife charity, sent out to staff at Red Bee Media from Mark One while he worked at the company. She was instrumental in making After Effects happen, without her drive, organisational skills, planning and positive approach to every hurdle, After Effects would possibly still be just an interesting script.


Akua Gyamfi

  • Role in the project: Writer, Producer & Stylist

Akua and Mark One were working on a romantic comedy feature film script when Mark suggested they work on an idea he had for a film that has the potential to save lives. Akua’s contribution to writing the script was invaluable, her passion and flair for dialogue true to representing inner city London slang makes for true authenticity in this film. Without her passion and support, After Effects may still be just a good idea out there in the ether.

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Robert Samuels

  • Role in the project: 1st Assistant Director

Robert is a good friend of Mark One, a great writer and director. He got involved in After Effect to simply help out his mate and contribute towards a good cause.

Simon Thorne

  • Role in the project: Editor

Simon is a good friend of Mark One, a BAFTA nominated editor with feature films, short films, documentaries, title sequences and music videos etc under his belt. Mark One wanted Simon involved because he's no push over, he will argue his point, which makes for a great editor, making After Effects what it is.


Cregg M St. Rose

  • Role in the project: 2nd Assistant Director

Cregg is an integral part of Mark One Group and his input to the entire project has been invaluable. His dedication, drive, patience, willingness to learn and adapt to any given situation has been at the heart of the production of everything concerning After Effects the film and the Devastating After Effects Anti Violence Programme. His contribution to this project to date is immeasurable!


Max Herman

  • Role in the project: Original Music Score

Max came onboard after Robert Samuels recommended him to Mark One. After seeing the un-scored version of the film he was blown away by its content and had to get involved. Max's composition makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. He brought the epic Hollywood feature film scale to the project by using a multitude of orchestral layers.

Hillery Baptiste

  • Role in the project: Production Coordinator

Hillery was instrumental at the casting stage of the project and during production of After Effects on filming days. Her willingness to do whatever needed to be done made things move along in an easy, unhindered flow.

Ian Walters

  • Role in the project: Producer & Production Accountant

Instrumental in keeping the lean shoot budget intact, everyone in order and moving around on location with military discipline, the behind the scenes hero.

Mark One Group

  • Role in the project: Original Concept Production Company

Writers, Director and production of After Effects. Thanks to: Casting support Georgina Bobb, Luke Wright, Franklin Edwards casting support. Mr & Mrs. Warren location. Mr. Basil St. Rose vehicle support. Victoria Stout props. Deborah, Aria & Sapphire Walters. Rebecca Staffolani at Hackney Council, Hackney Council, Metropolitan Police Force - Hackney Police Station, Studio Time Photography, Delivery Service for Equipment, “Man With A Van” Company.


  • Role in the project: Post Production

Mark One has worked with Rushes on numerous jobs while at the BBC and Red Bee Media, thus forming a great relationship with staff members. Rushes have years of experience in grading, post production and looking after their clients. Their effects work and grading on this project makes After Effects visually exceptional.

Grand Central Sound Studios

  • Role in the project: Sound Design

Miles from Grand Central created a realistic and atmospheric sound foley, giving After Effects a real life mood that captures the urban intensity, which gives the viewer an unbelievable feeling.

Edit & Sound Store

  • Role in the project: Post Production Support

Support through Simon Thorne.


  • Role in the project: Music

"Gorecki" - Lamb © Universal Records Ltd
"Only Loving You" - Mz Jaie © R1 Rob D'Riche, Richie Montana
"Jack Da Swagger" - Irie Dan Bless © Money Bag Records
"Can We" - Nu:Tone ft. London Elektricity © Hospital Records Ltd
"I Got To Do (Me)" by Stallion.Solo, Tom Easton © Flavasum Productions Ltd


  • Role in the project: Various

Rani King, Hazel Evans at Through Unity. Richard Taylor, Michael Jervis, Gary Trowsdale at the Damilola Taylor Trust. Helen Newlove & the Newlove Family at Newlove Warrington. Mark Prince at The Kiyan Prince Foundation, Tracy Cumberbatch. Shaquille Smith's Family. Ann Oakes-Odger. Bebe Evwaraye overall support. Venessa Bobb online support. Nicholas "Pikki" Fearon, Jo Marshall over all support. Martin Poole at Sway Media. Jeff Dodds at Virgin Media. Tracey Cooley at LIVING TV Group. Jodi Donovan at LIVING TV Group.


  • Role in the project: Project Support

Support through BBC Angelique Halliburton, Marina Forsythe, Sandra Wright and Winston Phillips.

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Red Bee Media

  • Role in the project: Project Support

Project Support by Red Bee Media through Mark One, Natasha Preville and Robert Samuels.