Should you require further information regarding young people, we have listed some useful links below. Please Note: Devastating After Effects is not a counseling, advisory or enforcement service. It acts solely as a tool for those in the anti violence educational arena, to facilitate open discussion and awareness.

Young People

Crimestoppers. If you want to report a crime, or pass on information useful to the police, you can call Crimestoppers or fill out an online from. Crimes can be reported in confidence, anonymously and calls are not traced.

Drop The Weapons. This is a website from the Metropolitan Police where we aim to show you how real people can turn away from violent crime.

FRANK. For more Information and details please visit website. Have to put some writing information here.

Tutorhunt. Finding a tutor is not an easy task. Whether searching for primary, GCSE, A-Level or an adult learner, we strive to make the process as painless as possible.

Victim Supportline. Providing help and information to anyone affected by any crime or a violent assault, even if not reported to the police.

Get Connected. Provides a helpline and email service to young people (up to age 25) to find the best support whatever the problem.

ChildLine. Providing free and confidential counselling on any issues, available to anyone up to the age of 18.

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers. Offering support to young carers (under 18), plus online information about other young people who are careers.


The Home Office. There are laws about buying and carrying a knife depending on the type of knife, your age and your circumstances.

Criminal Justice System. The Ministry of Justice has responsibility for different parts of the justice system – the courts, prisons, probation services and attendance centres.

Working Links. We're continuing to deliver specialist services for people across the Britain and around the world to enable them to create better futures for themselves and their communities.

2 Smart. '2Smart' is the Essex Police award winning project that covers Bullying, Alcohol, Drug & Knife issues.

Princes Trust. We run programmes that encourage young people to take responsibility for themselves – helping them build the life they choose rather than the one they've ended up with.

Say No To Knives. Our mission here is to try and help those who have been affected by Knife Crime and Violent Crime.

Safe. While the vast majority of young people stay within the law a small number do find themselves getting involved in knife and gun crime. Despite these numbers, the effects can reach a lot of different people. Want to know more? Get the facts here.

Fearless. Fearless is a site where young people can get non-judgemental advice and information about crime.

Counselling Directory. Counselling Directory is one of the leading support networks in the UK, offering a confidential service that encourages those in distress to seek help.

Parents and Concerned Adults

NSPCC Helpline. Offering advice and support to adults who are concerned about the safety or welfare of a child. A free, anonymous service available in several languages, and for anyone deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Family Lives. Providing help and support to anyone in a parenting role, on any parenting issue. Additional online information for anyone with a teenager in their life.

Mind. Providing information about all aspects of mental health including depression.

SANE. Offering crisis care and emotional support to anyone affected by a mental health issue. Trained staff are available to take calls.

Support to victims and their families

The Flavasum Trust. After Tom's death, his family and friends set up the Flavasum Trust to try to reduce the number of young people carrying knives or other weapons by supporting arts projects that have this as one of their principal aims.

Robert Levy Foundation. The philosophy of the Foundation centres around the core principles of a good community and education.

Families United. Families Utd aims to be a conduit to many different support and advice mechanisms, all designed to put forward and support the whole issue of Youth Violence in this country from the perspective of people who have had to deal with it first hand – the victims’ families.

Knife Crimes. KnifeCrimes.Org is an Online Knife, Gun & Gang related information Resource...Violence Reduction, fewer Victims by Changing Attitudes.

Kiyan Prince Foundation. Mark was inspired by the belief that by educating young people about the devastating consequences of knife crime, the lives of many potential victims would be saved and in March 2008 was presented with the Children's Champion Award by Gordon Brown.

The Ben Kinsella Trust. To educate children of all ages of the consequences of knife crime and the devastating effect that it has on families – by ensuring children as young as primary school age are educated about knife crime and will never consider picking up a weapon, be it through peer pressure, fear or simply believing it is cool.

Baroness Newlove. Baroness Newlove is a North-West based community reform campaigner and activist.

Hundred Families. It aims to offer accurate information and practical advice for families bereaved by people with mental health problems along with evidence based resources for mental health professionals and others interested in serious violence by the mentally ill.

Through Unity. Exists to provide support to bereaved people in the aftermath of a violent death and do all we can to make sure they get whatever help they need to survive their loss.

SAMM. SAMM is a national UK Charity supporting families bereaved by Murder and Manslaughter.

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. National education charity committed to providing opportunity and access to disadvantaged young people, fostering positive community relationships, and enabling people to realise their potential.