Jahnoi Cranston - Actor, Writer, Recording Artist & Poet


Jahnoi Cranston attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School, drama classes, singing training and Identity Drama School. He has performed at the Roundhouse in Camden, University of Communication, Robert Levy Foundation 'Empowerment' event held at Ocean in Hackney, Lyrically Unplugged in East Putney, South London, at the BBC 'Inspiring Future Leaders' event in West London and many other events and productions. He has also appeared in the long running BBC drama Holby City, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II Feature Film, Victim Feature Film, Zion Film, Drugs & KFC Film.

In Jahnoi Cranston’s Own Words

Forward to October (2007) my school has an event named 'African-Caribbean Night' which is an event showcasing the black talents we had in the school, in the spirit of Black History Month. As I would usually do after school I remained on the premises with my mates clowning around and using our charisma with the ladies however one of the boys from our group who did the artwork for the night insisted that I follow him to ask the organiser of the night a question. So I agreed to follow him, in pursuit of more females! Once we reached the room I ran off to complete my aim however the teacher and organiser of the night stopped me and demanded an explanation. I didn't know I'd walked into an audition. I then had to think quickly for an excuse to save humiliation and my 'rep!' so I told Ms. Lawson I was there to 'Audition'. Knowing my false answer she decided to run with it by calling the whole room's attention to watch my audition assuming that I'd eventually crumble and just apologise.


Thinking quick on my feet I instantly thought of the poem I'd written a few months previous and performed it resulting in total shock and an instant thumbs up for the show I'd never intended to feature in. Full of nerves but anticipation – 12th October 2007 was here and it was my night to show the audience what I had produced. All I remember was having to be prayed over countless times, and the act before me finishing faster than I expected. The standing ovation and cheer throughout the whole show was something I had never experienced and thrived under and what I didn't know was there was a man named Mark One who was booked to explain his journey and how a man who had experienced hardships had eventually prevailed and won a critically acclaimed BAFTA award in the process – this day changed my life.


As I began my journey and shows started to fly my way I slowly started to change into the person teenagers desire to become but do not want to due to social expectations, peer pressure and the fear of executing your dream. I then joined Sylvia Young Theatre School in a pursuit to push my experience that little bit further. September 2008 reached and I was now 16 and performing 'I am who?' at the Ocean, Hackney for the Robert Levy Foundations event 'Empowerment' amongst Bashy & Enrico Delves! After my performance I was taken back upstairs to my room when a 5'9 bald black man stopped me in my tracks while saying my name, so I stood there totally confused as to how he knew my name and why he was in such pursuit to stop me from reaching my room, he then introduced himself as Mark One the same BAFTA Award Winning director who attended the schools event and witnessed my performance. Highly impressed we exchanged details and arranged a meeting on his vision of the piece and where he would want to take it in terms of developments. 5 months later 'I am who?' was filmed on red cam in a studio previously used for an advert for Virgin and has been in post-production since.

With Mark One, Nathan Levy & Robert Levy Foundation reaching out to me and telling me about the dream 'I am who?' gave me the opportunity to change my life forever therefore this is a message to all, those in the deprived areas and even those fortunate, no dream is unreachable if you associate yourself with the right people and make the right decisions in life.

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Jahnoi Cranston Special Thanks

Everal & Jacque Cranston (and the Extended family – Cranston & Ashley) 'Ephesians 6: Honor your Mother & Father and your days will be longer'. Thank you for leaving footprints for me to follow. Bro. Ldr Mbandaka & The Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement for cultural awareness and productive teachings. You Uncle, were most instrumental during the process of this piece. Nathan Levy & Robert Levy Foundation for adopting me and sparking the dream. Ms. Simone Lawson of Oaks Park High School for your superior vision and instant belief. 'I would especially like to thank Mark One for his believe belief, patience and endurance to make this project possible. Marcus Jones for his creative flare and all the production/post production people for turning my words into a visual master piece masterpiece, I love you all.'