Mark One

  • Director: Mark One

Mark One, Creative Director at Mark One Group, is a BAFTA Award Winner with over 18 years commercial experience in different disciplines of graphic communications. He has worked overseas with global clients on filming projects and brand consultation and design projects. Mark continues to write, produce and direct films, is an avid anti knife and gun activist, sought after motivational speaker.

Jahnoi's stunning live performance of 'I am who?' sealed the deal in Mark One's eyes and convinced him to develop it into a moving image piece for the entire world to witness.

Taking Jahnoi under his wing, Mark included him in a project he was working on with the BBC Black and Asian Forum called 'From Tragedy to Inspiring Future Leaders'. The event, held at the BBC and hosted by Mark One and Natasha Preville, included guest speakers Ian and Nathan Levy from the Robert Levy Foundation, the poet Realite and Jahnoi - who was keen to see his work turned into a thought provoking film.

Without the input and direction from Marcus, 'I am who?' would not be what it is today. His attention to detail, creative flair, discipline and passion for the project was uncompromising.

Marcus Jones

  • Director: Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones - Salvá Films is an inspirational director and writer with over 15 years' experience of creating award-winning work. He crafted his directing and creative skills at the BBC, Red Bee Media, Biscuit tv, Channel 4, ITV, Sky, Discovery, Nat Geo and the MOB. His credits and international awards span a diverse range of films, commercials, idents and digital content. Marcus' talents can be seen in many pieces of work, including BBC Proms, Bacardi, Jet2 and FILA commercials to name but a few.

After Marcus witnessed Jahnoi's live performance of 'I am who? he too was keen to get involved with the project of turning it into a strong, character-forming piece of film. Without the invaluable input and direction from Marcus, 'I am who?' would not be what it is today. His attention to detail, creative flair, passion for the project and discipline to get things right at all costs was uncompromising.

Marcus Jones said, "We wanted to come together to make a film that would give some of today's youth something positive to relate to and draw from, when they are faced with challenges and problems as they grow up". |

Mark One Films

  • Role in this project: Production – Post Production – Director

Project Support, Production, Direction, Post Production Editing, Grading, Motion Graphics and Special Effects through Mark One and Cregg St. Rose. Phil Radford at Strange Box, John Dunn at Creatively Dunn, Clifford Briggs – Designer, Nathan Levy and the Robert Levy Foundation.

Salvá Films

  • Role in this project: Production – Director

Project Support, Production and direction by Salvá Films through Marcus Jones. Claire Charlton – Producer, Director of Photography Nick Bennett, 3Kings – Composers, Melo NS - Composer.