Mission Statement

Most city dwelling 14 year old teenagers love watching films, listening to music, having fun, getting drunk, going to parties, experimenting with drugs to sample that high, falling into dark company and eventually becoming gang members, etc. etc.

Aged 14, Jahnoi Cranston penned the poem that inspires great hope in our younger generation. Eloquent and powerful, he confidently expresses thoughts and interests that would leave most adults watching open mouthed in humbled awe.


To inspire the younger generation by leading through example and challenging the stereotypical images of youth, cultivated by the popular media. Young people will ask each other to look in the mirror and truthfully ask themselves, 'I am who?'…

Why I am who?

Against the backdrop of inner city social problems, Jahnoi Cranston was looking to himself for answers when asking the question 'I am who?' Cranston's insightful piece of poetry, in a sentence, has the theme 'words for tomorrow's adults, today'! This powerful poem is delivered in an engaging, dramatically challenging, sympathetic and caring way. Jahnoi Cranston is an emerging talent from London, UK, that we should all take note of.


'I am who?' spearheads 'WORD IS LIFE', an initiative created by Mark One Group to seek out powerful messages in any form and turning them into moving image pieces of art. Mark One Group, are always on the look out for powerful content and creatively driven people to create moving pieces of work with depth and humility.

How did the project come about?

The filmed version of 'I am who?' came about after Mark One was asked to deliver a keynote speech about his career path at a Black History Month event held at Oaks Park School in Ilford, London. Young Cranston, who attended the school at the time, delivered his poetic work at the event and was rewarded with a standing ovation. His hypnotic performance captivated and inspired the stunned audience, leaving many asking how it was possible that such a young man could be so confident and well read, at a time when others his age were buckling under from the sheer weight of peer group pressures? At the time of writing this dramatic piece of work, Cranston was studying the cause and effects of gang culture, iconic black heroes from the past, respect for his elders and why he is proud to be who he is. The performance was so overwhelming and mind provoking, that Mark One sought out the young man and his parents and promised he would do all he could to make 'I am who?' available as a short animated film, for all to see world wide.


'I am who?' was jointly produced by Mark One Films & Salvá Films. Marcus Jones, CEO at Salvá Films, witnessed young Cranston deliver 'I am who?' at an event held by Mark One in conjunction with the BBC's BBAF and the Robert Levy Foundation called; Inspiring Future Leaders held at the BBC. Marcus Jones decided he would get involved in the project due to the power of Cranston's words, the subject matter and the age of the poet, which moved him considerably.

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'I am who?' & 'After Effects' Private Screening @ The Soho Hotel, Soho, London, 26th November 2010. Both the Robert Levy Foundation and Tom Easton Flavasum Trust attended the event and it was an honour to have them with Mark One Group on the night. Without their support, 'After Effects' would not have been possible.

Jahnoi Cranston and his family were also in attendance to see 'I am who?' for the first time. The event was an over whelming experience for the Cranston family, seeing Jahnoi's poem brought to life in such a cinematic way on the big screen, in the West End was beyond all expectations.

"The event was an overwhelming success and way beyond my comprehension. Everyone enjoyed the location, took onboard the serious message behind 'After Effects' and was totally inspired by 'I am who?' As a film maker, people wanting to come out and see your work is all you want and then to be so over subscribed is a fantastic problem to have" said film director Mark One.