Devastating After Effects Anti Violence Programme


Why the need for a supporting programme?

When After Effects was written in 2007, it was always the intention to create supporting material for people using the film in an educational capacity so they have an understanding of why it was made, the people who made it and a deeper knowledge of the subtle messages within the film and the objectives behind the programme; to reduce violent crime.

The DVD contains feedback pdf documents, the 'After Effects short film', 'The Making of… After Effects', 'After Effects Behind the Scenes' production days and 'I am who?'. All the material on the DVD is explained in the programme's booklet.

The booklet is fundamentally a how to do Devastating After Effects workshop guide, information about the DVD contents and credits all the organisations that supported the creation of the DVD content. Information about the people behind the project and the projects history is also included; equipping the facilitator with all the information they need to run a highly effective and inclusive workshop.

Devastating After Effects Anti Violence Programme's effectiveness has been tested through research and development over a 2 year period of screenings and workshops to a diverse audience made up of members from all walks of life. Over 3000 people's feedback contributed to making the programme what it is today. Everyone was unanimously in favour of the supporting material, in the form of a programme booklet, to assist any facilitator with the delivery of a comprehensive workshop, backed by the projects back-story.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Why call it Devastating After Effects?

The meaning behind the name - the multiple echoes that emanate from a single, senseless action ripple endlessly throughout the entire community. Emotional shockwaves are felt for countless years after the tragedy and leave three hundred and sixty degrees of devastation for those left behind.

• What is Devastating After Effects Anti Violence Prorgamme?

The Devastating After Effects Anti Violence Programme, is an anti violence initiative tool that can stand-alone or plug into existing initiatives to heighten and enhance their delivery. The programme deals with the after effects of gun, knife and violent crime and aims to steer the participant towards a greater understanding of the enormous harm done to the people left behind to pick up the pieces after a loved one has been murdered.

Aimed primarily at teenagers, the programme consists of four short films; 'After Effects', 'I am who?', 'Making of… After Effects' and 'After Effects Behind the Scenes' on production days; that range in length from 4 to 15 minutes.

Devastating After Effects is to be used primarily in schools, universities, youth clubs, community halls, churches, cinemas, prisons, youth offender's institutes and basically anywhere deemed necessary. A printed booklet accompanies the programme, outlining best practice within the workshop that is based on 2 years of research, film development and over 3000 peoples feedback garnered from pilot deliveries of the programme.

The main job of After Effects' is to start a dialogue between the older and younger generations, in order to initiate a change in behaviour of teenagers caught up in, or exposed to the threat of gangs, and encourage them to stop carrying and using knives and guns.

• Who is behind Devastating After Effects?

Mark One was personally affected by knife crime and took this as his inspiration when creating Devastating After Effects Anti Violence Programme. Mark One Group's staff has been instrumental in supporting the programme development and delivery to date.

The Robert Levy Foundation and the Tom Easton Flavasum Trust are UK based charities that have supported the project from inception, assisting with the production of the film and development of the programme. Both are avidly supporting the rollout of the initiative to other anti violence organisations in the educational arena.

• Why have you created this programme?

This programme has been created to directly reach disaffected teenagers that have already committed a murder, potential murderers and those who are enduring the constant menace of danger on the UK's streets - and further afield if requested. The objective is to make them stop and think about the consequences of their actions - before a split second decision to act in the heat of the moment changes their lives and the lives of others forever.

• What makes this initiative different from others that are out there already?

Devastating After Effects has been produced by people within the community with personal experience of the tragedy of knife and gun crime. The production team behind the films have full understanding of today's high post-production values (Mark One BAFTA Award Winner) that speak directly to the younger generation and have the backing from prominent community role models plus the backing of a number of anti-gun and knife Trusts.

When addressing young people, it is generally understood that the presentation has to be delivered in a medium and language the young will listen to and understand, by those who will highlight 'truths' in an effective yet uncompromising way. This is what separates Devastating After Effects from other initiatives. There does not appear to be anything as comprehensive as Devastating After Effects out there, that looks at the issues from the other side.

• Is this just another film about gangs?

Films that have been made with a similar subject matter are different in a number of ways. Many have the perpetrators of crimes as lead characters, which automatically glorifies their crimes in the eyes of the youth present – no matter how good their intentions. Ultimately, focusing on the innocent mothers, brothers and sisters affected by these actions, affects people in a more meaningful and deeper way.

• Who is the target audience and what age are they?

This film has an impact on everyone, but more specifically it is aimed at young people of all nationalities aged 12 to 25 and above, although the age range from pilot screenings has been from 12 to 80+ years of age. In parts, the film is written and dramatised using street language and a powerful musical score that engages the interest of the target group and enhances the reality for those experiencing the full impact of After Effects.

With over 3000 people interacting with the programme during the 2-year development stage, it has already had a major impact on wider discussions and debates. This programme has highlighted the question of how to address this problem, while keeping it real and relevant amongst the youth, by creating mindsets that contribute towards saving young lives.

• Can the film be shown to older and younger people?

In order for us to reach as wide an audience as possible, After Effects has two versions; one with mild profanity for older audiences and one without for younger.

• What is the proposed outcome of Devastating After Effects?

The proposed outcome would be that Devastating After Effects starts to cultivate a change in the mindset of disaffected young people and awareness in others. This would mainly be achieved by delivering authentic workshops that communicate the core message to an audience of young people more used to seeing Hollywood films, explaining the traumatic and eternal reality of knife and gun crime on the people left behind.

Another outcome, is to ensure other initiatives can benefit from the use of some elements within the programme to open up a dialogue and debate as a spearhead tool; as in the case of the 'Healing Hackney Initiative', where Devastating After Effects was used as a conversation starter to open up the debate, with other information specific to Healing Hackney following.

• How will it influence change in behaviours?

The intent is to influence change in the younger generation by employing the very best people to deliver the programme as a stand-alone initiative or one that plugs into other new or already existing programmes. The people delivering the programme are as important as the content, and must have the ability to connect with the younger generation. This is why an understanding of the entire programme is crucial to its success. Training is essential and collecting feedback forms to compile actual data of the effectiveness of the programme is paramount.

• Where and how will it be distributed?

The first port of call for distribution of the programme is already taking place via anti violence trusts and charities linked to the development of the programme. The website is the second port of call for anyone interested in using the programme and has already begun to act as a communication point for requests.

From our research and development testing endeavors Police borough commanders are interested in working with the programme, and a number of schools have created a lesson workshop (PSHE) built around Devastating After Effects. However, if you are interested in becoming a supporter and using the programme then please get in contact. We need as much support as possible.

• How many people are likely to be helped by this?

Through this online initiative, the goal is to get the word out via charities, trusts and people that may benefit from using the resource over a 12-month period. Over this time, our target is for at least 500,000 of the UK's younger generation to see the film and interact with the programme in order to create awareness of the consequences of this lifestyle and the 'HELP & SUPPORT' information available on this site, if in need of further help and advice.

• Is there a cost for Devastating After Effects?

Yes, there has been a cost. Devastating After Effects has taken 6 years on and off to complete, with an estimated cost that is inconceivable. Everyone that donated their time and expertise - and in some cases money - to the project, did so in order to allow the supply of the programme as a free resource to those that fulfill the correct criteria like charities, trusts and individuals in the anti violence educational arena (subject to approval). So the four films and programme remain a free resource (based on fulfilling the criteria) paid for by all those that contributed to the creation of the Devastating After Effects Anti Violence Programme (intellectual property of Mark One Group).

There are costs attached to running the website, including physically producing the DVD, support materials, sourcing the best people and training them to deliver the programme. We have been seeking financial support from a variety of sources to ensure we achieve our objectives of delivering a free resource (where applicable), which will potentially change the mindset of a murderer or potential murderer by experiencing empathy through the Devastating After Effects Anti Violence Programme.

So the short answer is, Devastating After Effects Anti Violence Programme will be a free resource based on the user fulfilling the criteria of use. Supporting materials, personal time and expenses of the contributors delivering the programme, have to be paid for by a third party sponsor or supporter.

• What criteria do I have to fulfill in order to use Devastating After Effects?

If you are interested in using the Devastating After Effects Anti Violence Programme, and thus becoming a supporter, please get in contact via the online form on the right, at the top of the page. Our team will endeavor to get back to you with an eligibility criteria form as soon as possible for completion. Before returning the form via email, please ensure you have read through all the 'Frequently Asked Questions' to see if it contains answers to any questions you may have. If you still have questions after reading through this section then please include it in the online form.

• Do you deliver the programme?

Yes, we do deliver the programme or can organise an associate to deliver it on our behalf. Our intentions and objectives though, remain as they were at our inception; we aim to educate and equip as many people as we can to deliver the programme, so we can achieve our projected 12-month target of reaching and inspiring 500,000 teenagers. If you would like to enquire about us delivering the Devastating After Effects Anti Violence Programme, please get in contact via the online form on the right, at the top of the page. Our team will endeavor to get back to you as soon as we can.

• Will you make a feature length film of After Effects?

This question has been asked at every screening of After Effects. The majority of audience members have strongly requested a feature length version that shows the effects across the community, telling the story from as many perspectives as possible in the same cinematic way as the short film does.

Due to the overwhelming response and requests from the public for a feature length version, early stage talks are in progress about the feasibility of After Effects, the feature.

• Is Devastating After Effects a charity or service?

Devastating After Effects is not a charity, counseling, advisory or enforcement service. It acts solely as a tool for those in the anti violence educational arena, to facilitate open discussion and awareness. Please see our 'HELP & SUPPORT' section for charities and services listings.

Workshop Outline & Questions

Click the link below to download 'Workshop Outline & Questions' PDF file.


Programme Enquiry

If you are interested in using the Devastating After Effects Anti Violence Programme, and thus becoming a supporter, please contact us via Email. We will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible. Before sending questions, please read through the 'Frequently Asked Questions' below. If your question is still unanswered, then please include it in the email.


Devastating After Effects is not a counseling, advisory or enforcement service. It acts solely as a tool for those in the anti violence educational arena, to facilitate open discussion and awareness.